Science of Silence

How to quieten your commercial vessel exhaust systems?

In light of EU regulations that are in place to mitigate noise, most yachts now come with some form of silencer.

This is especially important in commercial yachts, as the larger engines in turn create louder reverberation. When it comes to keeping your commercial vessel exhaust systems quiet, there are a number of options to choose from if your engine hasn’t come fit with a built-in silencer. Whether wet or dry, your exhaust system should be emitting minimum noise while still working at optimum performance.

Why do I need a silencer?

If you’re around the dock or in sheltered waters, having a silencer installed can help prevent complaints and other potential issues. Having one in place can reduce the noise from RPM significantly, helping you to enjoy a smoother, more pleasant ride.

Why types of silencers are there?

There are a few different options when it comes to kitting out commercial vessel exhaust systems with mufflers. Which one is best suited for your craft is a question of its size and the type of exhaust system in place (i.e. wet or dry).

A water lift silencer is used to lower decibels on a vessel that has an engine below the waterline. The silencer essentially “catches” the run off from the exhaust, where it will enter a chamber filled with gas. This gas will evaporate the water to stop it from pooling and filling up the silencer, all while helping to keep the engine flowing quietly.

An inline silencer, as the name suggests, is a small, compact silencer that can be installed on most small-medium vessels on which the engine lies above the waterline. The exhaust gas and water is filtered through piping, cutting the noise of exhaust emissions almost in half.

Both silencers are normally made with a watertight resin to protect against erosion, so you can simply install and enjoy a quiet ride. For large commercial vessels, we recommend getting in touch to discuss the details and to see if your exhaust requires a bespoke system.

Which do I need?

The type of silencer you’ll need depends on what type of exhaust system you have, how large it is and if it’s above or below the waterline. Most commercial vessels opt for dry exhaust systems, but these have a tendency to be noisier than wet on a regular day – let alone at work in a large yacht! This is where a silencer can be hugely beneficial, and more cost-effective than repowering the vessel with a wet system. At Halyard Ltd, we offer bespoke solutions to combat exhaust noise as well as a wide range of silencers to choose from. If you’re dealing with a noisy exhaust system and want some help, get in touch with our team today, to speak to a commercial vessel expert.