Science of Silence

What is Aquadrive?

Vibration is a common issue on many yachts, but if you’re a boat owner in want of a solution, consider investing in Aquadrive.

This anti-vibration system is designed to quieten and smoothen any voyage, and at Halyard Ltd, we can specify and supply this system so that you and your guests can enjoy a peaceful ride. In fact, installations can reduce noise by up to 50%, which can make your yachting enjoyable.

Proper engine installations require a precise alignment between the propeller shaft and the engine itself. To keep this alignment in check, stiff mounts are often used, which can cause high levels of vibration. With this type of traditional installation, constant maintenance and frequent checks are required to ensure the perfect alignment is maintained. With Aquadrive, soft mounts are used to install the engine in a horizontal position, resulting in permanent, guaranteed alignment. Comprised of softer engine mounts, a CV shaft and thrust bearings, Aquadrive is an all-encompassing solution that can provide you with many years of improved sailing once installed.

The benefits of Aquadrive

The most noticeable benefit once Aquadrive has been installed is the immediate reduction in vibration.

As the permanent alignment improves the driveline and reduces the vibration caused by stiff mounts, vibration can be reduced by up to 90%. Although the engine mounts are soft, there is still enough freedom of movement so as not to hamper the boat’s performance. The Aquadrive system’s thrust bearing transmits the thrust to the hull instead of the engine, reducing wear and tear significantly. Another big plus to installing Aquadrive is the fact that it requires such little maintenance. The constant checks to ensure correct alignment aren’t necessary with this system, saving yacht owners a great deal of time and money where maintenance is concerned.

In short, this top-of-the-range system is ideal for any yacht owner looking to reduce noise and vibration, and improve the overall quality of each sail. To find out more about the many benefits of Aquadrive, contact the experts at Halyard Ltd today.