Science of Silence

Halyard Marine Sound Insulation

Boat owners will agree that even the most pleasant trip can be hampered by noise.

Engines, generators and exhaust systems can all lead to overbearing noise that can make it difficult to hear what’s going on around you, and generally make for an unpleasant trip. Of course, you need all of those systems for your yacht to function, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to settle for sailing with marine noise.

Halyard marine sound insulation, specially formulated for use in private yachts, is the perfect way to mitigate excessive noise. This material can be installed on virtually any vessel an easy way to combat mechanical common noise emitted from the engine room.

How does marine sound insulation work?

Sound insulation from Halyard is a smart investment, as the materials we use are both long lasting and effective.

The foam insulation panels can be attached to the bulkheads within the engine room with a speciality adhesive, such as sikoflex 291 or a good contact adhesive. The panels should be installed tightly together, covering all areas and leaving no space from which noise can reverberate. When installed correctly, marine sound insulation will require very little maintenance, and drastically reduce the noise on board your boat.

Whether you own a small yacht for recreational use or a large vessel with numerous cabins, we stock insulation solutions that can ensure every passenger enjoys a quiet sail. “. Our marine engine sound insulation products are flame-retardant, meeting the fire requirements outlined by the EU Recreational Craft Directive (ISO 9094), so you can have complete peace of mind that they are safe for use even where there are not dry exhaust systems in place.

It may be an undeniable fact of boating that engines emit noise, but with high-quality, trustworthy products from Halyard, you can quieten every sail with ease. To find out more about implementing Halyard marine engine sound insulation on board, contact our team of experts today.