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Halyard Appointed as sole UK Marine distributor of Wavebrite

Due to its expertise in marine exhaust systems, Halyard has been appointed the sole UK distributor of Wavebrite – a grey water filter system.

Grey water discharge poses significant environmental problems in coastal areas and inland waterways. Using grey water holding tanks takes space and adds weight to vessels resulting in greater power requirements and emissions. Wavebrite has been designed to treat grey water in real time and ensure direct discharge meets regulatory requirements. By using Wavebrite the need for onboard holding tanks or costly quay-side pump outs is eliminated. Mariners using Wavebrite can be confident that potentially dangerous bacteria and toxic chemicals are being filtered and also benefit from this process happening in real time.

Richard Summers, Managing Director of Halyard comments, “From houseboats and sailing yachts, to fishing vessels and workboats, disposing of grey water safely and in an environmentally friendly way is essential. Whatever the size and capacity of your boat, the technical team at Halyard will be able to advice on selecting and installing the right Wavebrite system to meet your requirements whether you are building or refitting the vessel.”

The system is available in six options, from Wavebrite Lite for smaller tenders and craft to Wavebrite 300 perfect for superyachts and boats requiring larger processing capacity of up to 300 cubic meters or 300,000 liters. Wavebrite has five main component modules with four stage grey water filtration - the main Wavebrite module, prefilters, pump, pump strainer and control. Any discharge from the system meets the European Union Council Directive concerning waste water treatment (91/271/EEC).

Designed to be wired into the electronics and operated from the boat’s control panel, Wavebrite’s components are modular and can be located separately connected by flexible hose making installation into the right locations easier. The system benefits from having a pump with automatic control so that no holding tanks or pump out is required. There is a choice of filter length and the filter cartridges are easy to change and dispose of. As well as point of filtration pressure, the remote hour meter clearly displays the usage time so mariners know when the filter will need to be changed.

Paul Gullett, Managing Director of Wave International Ltd says, “We appointed Halyard to be our UK distributor because of the team’s technical expertise and engineering skills as well as their in-depth knowledge of the leisure, superyacht and marine markets. We also know by choosing Halyard our customers will get the right advice on selecting the best Wavebrite system and have confidence about how it has been installed.”

Grey water is untreated wastewater from wash basins, baths, showers and clothes washers and typically consists of soaps & shampoos, hair conditioners, lotions & gels, greases, oils & cosmetics, cleaning materials, hair and lint. Often galley waste is included in grey water. These constituents contain chemicals including ammonia, phosphates, nitrates & sodium.