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Halyard Launches innovative Thermal Insulation Product

Leading marine sound and exhaust specialists, Halyard, will be launching an innovative new thermal insulation product at METS 2014 – a must have for OEM’s looking for an efficient and aesthetic solution to prevent heat loss on their marine exhaust systems.
Heat Shell is an intuitive product that will remove bulky thermal insulation jackets on their exhaust systems. Instead a glass webbing or ‘Heat Shell’ can be applied to the riser section of the exhaust system, providing an air-tight and liquid proof covering that cannot be damaged by external agents.
Offering all the benefits you would expect from thermal insulation such as heat loss prevention and reduced surface temperature Heat Shell is a vast improvement on traditional thermal insulation solutions, outperforming them in terms of strength, durability and look.
With a high gloss finish, the Heat Shell is an aesthetic improvement on insulation jackets and reduces the space required around the exhaust system.
Assembly time is also reduced considerably, as Halyard apply the Heat Shell at their manufacturing facilities which means there is no longer a need for jackets to be fitted on site.
Richard Summers Managing Director at Halyard, said, “At Halyard we are always looking for innovative new silencing and insulation solutions to improve how our products look, and the new Heat Shell will do just that.
“This new product is a step forward in thermal insulation technology and offers a whole new range of benefits which include durability, aesthetics and additional space in the engine room.”