Science of Silence

Exhaust Silencers

Can you manufacture bespoke silencers to suit?

Yes, a major part of Halyards business is making specials.

What is a marine exhaust achieving?

Marine engine exhaust system ejects the cooling water as well as silencing the engine’s combustion noise and removing the exhaust gases. The system must create minimal restriction to the flow of exhaust gases, known as back pressure, or the engine may be damaged.

Why do some of the silencers in the Products Section have different size inlets and outlets?

This is related to exhaust system size and the Horse power of the engine , once the exhaust gas is forced to move / lift water larger pipe diameter is necessary to reduce restriction in the system which may cause too much back pressure. If in doubt please ask!

Why use silencers in marine exhaust systems?

Noise is tiring. Noise creates sea-sickness. For the commercial operator it takes the pleasure out of work. For the private user it turns pleasure into hard work. Our objective is to achieve an exhaust noise reduction of around 40% with our basic silencers, 70% with our specialist dual chamber silencers, or 80% with silencers and our exhaust water separation units.

Correct installation of your silencer is vital to safety and to aviod back-flooding of the engine. The information that is outlined in our product manual will enable a long and satisfactory life from the products.

For full details on installing our range of Silencers, please see the listed Silencer product manuals, which can be found in the Download section of this website.
The silencer must be drained before the boat is craned or transported and during the winter.