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Engine Mounts

Can I use Halyard flex mounts with 2 and 3 cylinder engines?

No, use manufactures mounts as they will have been designed to run with out of balance engines.

What makes a mount good – and safe?

Only natural rubber is used. Each size of mount is manufactured with up to
four different rubber stiffness grades.

The steel hood covers the whole top of the mount, reducing the risk of diesel attacking the natural rubber.

The mount is “fully captive”. Even if the engine turns over and the rubber elements rip, the engine is held tight.

The bolt holes are slotted one way at each end so you can adjust their position.

Choosing and correctley installing the correct hardness of Aquadrive engine mounts is vital. If the engine needs to be raised, the best way is to put a plate between the engine bed and the mount.

DO NOT raise the engine by transferring the fixing point of the stud screw upwards. Measure the actual deflection or downward compression of each engine mount after the engine`s weight is placed on them.

Check to determine if each mount has been compressed downward the correct amount